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Capital Allowance

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How Do I Claim Capital Allowances?

It is a straight forward process, very transparent and completed in total confidence.

1: We ask you 6 questions about your investment property and your tax situation.

2: We prepare a full illustration of the likely tax savings you can expect, either as a tax refund and/or against your future profit/tax.

3: We email the illustration to you (and your accountant) then discuss the figures with you and explain how the process works.

4: If it all makes sense to you we ask you to sign our engagement letter, which gives us authority to check the land registry office to ensure there has been no previous claims. We then contact you to arrange our Capital Allowance expert to survey your property, usually within a week.

5: We then survey your property and prepare our report for HMRC. We will either help you submit that or organise it with your accountant.

6: We invoice you for our fee for our work, which is a small percentage of the Capital Allowances identified to be claimed against.


‘Christopher Bailey led us through the Capital Allowance process from start to finish and they were always on hand to give advice and guidance through all stages of the process. During the final stages of our clients claims, they helped to submit the claims to HMRC. In total our clients received over £1,000,000 of Capital Allowances and all the claims were accepted by HMRC’.

J.T. – County Armargh, N Ireland – Chartered Accountants

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Call now for an illustration:

01327 340 408 or 07964 434 932

Bill Loryman - Managing Director

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You will see in the engagement letter our current fee structure and the choice of 3 ways to settle our invoice, all designed to help you with your cash flow. We have been completing Capital Allowance claims with HMRC for over ten years and as Chartered Accountants have a 100% success record.

  We guarantee all our work with our clients for six years

  If there is no claim benefit – there is no fee

  There are no separate costs, such as survey fees, at any time

A claim does not affect your CGT position

  Capital Allowances are set in law under CAA2001 (Part 2)

  We have full Professional Indemnity cover for each case submitted

  The identified allowances can sometimes be used against other income streams depending on your tax situation. We can help with independent advice.


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